At Alieva, the client comes first. Live your experience on board this fantastic boat- take a breath, relax on the flybridge with one of our cocktails and allow our crew to navigate you where you need to go. Alieva is fully equipped for clients to prepare their own meals on board, or, if preferred, we can arrange meals to be prepared for you. There is also the option to moor and explore the many prestigious restaurants around the port.

Alieva Yachting offers a wide range of optional services- from transfer arrangements and babysitters to interpreters and reservations; we have everything you need to enjoy a different kind of accommodation away from conventional hotels or residences.

Plan and discuss your preferred route with our captain, relax on the most exclusive beaches in the Mediterranean, indulge in local gastronomy in local restaurants and, ultimately, let yourself be pamperedo.

Do not hesitate in asking us for a quote, we would be delighted to help you plan your next trip with Alieva Yachting.

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